Help us create better dog parents to improve the lives of dogs.

One-Time Donations → We are always working on one thing or the other, thus, you can donate to us whenever and whatever you can afford at any time. We will put your hard-earned money into a good cause. You can also inquire about where your money will go.

Recurring Donations → Some of our projects are bigger and need continuous funding to complete. Thus, as a recurring donor, you will help us meet our monthly, yearly, and long-term goals.

Bequeathments → Many people plan to spend a part of their fortune in goodwill for charity purposes. We at the American Dog Society accept the finances left to us in a will. If you are looking for a true cause for your money to be invested in, you are at the right place.

Cryptocurrency → Many people do not want to deal in cash. Besides, cryptocurrency is all the rage these days. We keep our options open and work with cryptocurrency as an investment for our dog-friendly cause.

Create a Fundraiser → Become a fundraiser with us and help us in our cause to raise funds, making dog parents’ lives easier and dogs happier.